British Canoeing (BC) Affiliation

British Canoeing (BC) Affiliation

York Canoe Club is affiliated to British Canoeing (Affiliation Number 438)

The club pays a fee for each member of the club that is not a member of British Canoeing, this provides members of the club with insurance for club sessions and other club activities.

Please note members are not insured when they canoe or kayak at other times. (Read more about BC Club Insurance)

The club’s waterways licence covers the boats for club nights and club activities on the river Ouse. However If you paddle outside of club sessions or activities you will not be licensed, and may be subject to a fine. If you want to take a boat on the Ouse outside of activities organised by the club, you will need to consider purchasing your own BC membership. This will provide you with your own Waterways Licence and Insurance.

Find out more about British Canoeing and Membership benefits. British Canoeing